Daith Piercing 101


You may be asking yourself, what is this Daith piercing everyone has been talking about, and where is your Daith? Your Daith is located on the thick part of the cartilage in the inner ear, in line with the Tragus. The area is often referred to as the crux of the Helix. It’s also the hoop that hugs the cartilage on the inside of your ear. It is the innermost (and smallest) fold of cartilage in the ear, found directly where the inner ear above the canal touches the outer ridge of the ear. The procedure, depending on your anatomy, is performed with a hollow 14GA or 16GA piercing needle. Everyone’s pain tolerance is going to vary, but on average, people receiving Daith piercings report the pain around a 5-6 out of 10 on the pain scale. They can be more painful than your standard lobe or Helix piercings due to the thickness of the cartilage. Daith piercings tend to take slightly longer than other piercings to heal. The healing time can range from 6-9 months. As always, it’s extremely important to allow your piercing to heal fully before switching out your jewelry. Following piercing aftercare instructions is crucial to ensure that you aren’t prolonging your healing time. It's essential to keep the area clean and regularly disinfect with sterile saline/wound wash spray like our Neilmed Fine Mist Piercing Aftercare Spray. If you don’t have access to a saline spray, you can use clean warm salt water. Avoid alcohol/chemicals and try your absolute best to keep off your ear while sleeping. Once you’re healed, it’s time to switch out your jewelry 😊
Styles of Jewelry for your Daith Piercing:

Clicker Hoops:


Bendable Hoops:


Horseshoe Barbells:


Captive Bead Rings (CBR):


Curved Barbells:



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