Belly Button Jewelry Styles


When choosing your belly button ring It is always recommended to choose one made from Stainless Steel, Titanium or 14 Karat or higher jewelry. These materials are the safest for people with sensitive skin.

When choosing your initial piece of jewelry, it’s recommended to go with a barbell style. The barbell style is the least likely to get stuck on your clothes during the healing process. Even though the dangle belly button rings are super adorable, they may get caught on your clothing or bedding and cause irritation to the piercing site.

 A belly button ring can be the perfect accessory to complete your outfit. I'm going to go over the styles of belly button rings we carry at BM25.


Curved Barbell:

Classic style but can be versatile. You can opt for a simple solid barbell or one with some glitz and flare 😊


14 Karat Yellow Gold Basic Curved Barbell with two solid gold ball ends.


14 Karat Yellow Gold Double Gem Ball Sparkle Basic Belly Button Ring with gorgeous clear gem.
Golden Pearlescent Shine Prong Set Belly Button Ring with two beautiful pearlescent balls.



Dangle Belly Button Rings:

Dangle belly button rings are super flirty and fun. The perfect piece of jewelry for those days and nights out on the town. They are a fantastic way to add style and personality to your outfit of the day! There are so many styles to choose from with this kind of jewelry. I would recommend taking it out before you sleep because dangle belly button rings can get caught on your bedding and cause irritation if slept on. Here are some of our dangle belly button styles:

Rose Gold Glistening Moon and Star Sparkle Belly Button Ring with beautiful clear gem with a moon and star charm that dangles covered in clear gems.


Non-Dangle Belly Button Rings:

Non dangle belly button rings are super versatile and comfortable! You can go super simple and understated or with a bling showstopping piece. Here are a few of our non-dangle belly button ring styles:


Top Down / Reverse Belly Button Rings:

Top Down / Reverse belly button rings are inserted from the top of your piercing and cover the belly button, giving a super unique and sexy look. There are many jewelry options from sparkling gems to colorful flowers, we have it all!






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