5 Ear Piercings and Their Potential Health Benefits


For some, piercings are a form of self-expression or a way to accessorize. For others, piercings are used as a form of acupuncture. Auriculo-therapy is a type of acupuncture that recognizes the ear as a micro-system for the entire body. When stimulating specific acupoints on the external ear, there is said to be corresponding health benefits. Here are 5 types of piercing and their potential respective benefits.


The Daith is famous for relieving migraines occurrences and migraine pain. This piercing is made on the small fold of cartilage in the middle of the ear. Nerves in this area are connected to the lower diaphragm, mouth, esophagus, and other respiratory sites. It is believed that with Daith piercing on both ears, the entire brain can be relieved from pain.



The Helix piercing is on the outer top cartilage rim of the ear. This piercing is best for those who suffer from insomnia due to depression and/or stress. Stimulating nerves in this area are said to relieve insomnia, and in some cases allergies. For a more effective approach, two to three helix piercings are made to each ear. In some cases, obtaining a piercing on each ear helped to have a higher rate of relief.




More geared toward females, the Rook piercing is said to have benefits for the menstrual cycle and digestive system. This piercing is in the middle of the ear, above the small fold of cartilage. Depending on the position of this piercing, various parts of the body are affected. The lower area of the Rook connects to the uterus and cavam pelvis in the female’s biological system, stimulation to this area is to alleviate menstrual pain and cramps. The upper part of the Rook connects with the bladder, intestines, the kidney, and even the sciatic nerve, helping with one’s digestive system.



Located just outside the opening of the ear is the Conch piercing. When pierced correctly, piercings in this middle bowl area can help with relaxation and chronic pain. Though it is the most intense of ear piercings, it holds great benefits, helping with spinal or lower back pains. This area of the ear that are connected to the sacral sine, lumbar vertebrae, and thoracic vertebrae.



It is believed that Tragus piercing help with managing aggression, energy levels and even appetite control. The small flap that covers the opening of the ear and connects to your head contains nerves that connect to adrenal glands, pharynx, and neuroreceptors that control thirst and hunger. When stimulated correctly, the Tragus helps one control appetite and aggression. In some cases, the Tragus piercing has even helped to control smoking habits, since there are neurological receptors in this area that react to and demand nicotine.


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