Industrial Piercing 101

If you are curious about industrial piercings and contemplating getting one, here is some information that may help you decide. Industrial piercings used to be synonymous with having grunge or punk style, but are now very common with all different styles. Industrial piercings have been made trendy with the general population due to many A-list celebrities having the piercing. What makes this piercing unique is that it is made from two piercings in one that are connected by a straight barbell. The industrial piercing is located through the sides of the cartilage in the ear. Also, referred to as a scaffold. The barbell is first inserted from behind the ear and goes diagonally towards the front of the upper cartilage and through the second piercing, secured by a screw on directly behind the second hole. The most common industrial piercing connects the forward helix and the antihelix. This piercing can be slightly more painful due to the fact you have to be pierced twice in one sitting to achieve this look. Obviously, pain tolerance will vary from person to person, but the overall pain expectancy is a 5/10 for most people. Standard size for an industrial piercing is 14 gauge. Common bar length for industrial piercings is 29mm-51mm.


Sparkle Moon and Starburst Industrial Barbell with goregous cresecnt moon and star charm held in place by a rubber o-ring. The charm is lined with clear gems. Implant Grade Titanium Sparkle Lined Fire Opal Industrial Barbell with row of glistening opal gems.Fire Opal Sunburst Sparkle Industrial Barbell with sunburst charm and sparkly opal center.


One thing that makes industrials tricky is that healing can be more of a nuisance since you will have two holes healing at the same time. Healing time is on average 3-9 month. Another tricky thing is that ear sizes can drastically vary, so finding the right jewelry for your piercing may be difficult at first. Your piercer will most likely start you off with a bar longer than you would probably like, but this is to allow for swelling. While you are healing, you want to remember to clean your piercing twice daily with a saline solution spray like our Neilmed. Avoid touching your piercing unless your hands are clean, and even then, avoid it as much as possible. You will also want to keep your hair away from the piercing as to not infect or tug on the jewelry. You should also avoid wearing headphones until your piercing is healed. The last tip for aftercare would be to sleep on your back, as sleeping on your side will add unnecessary pressure that may damage your piercing. Always select quality jewelry, so your piercing has the best chance to not be rejected from your body. When you are finally ready to switch out your jewelry it is recommended to go back to your piercer to have them measure your piercing to get the perfect fit however, this is something you can do at home. When choosing your jewelry, you will need to get an industrial barbell.

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