Types of Nose Piercings



Having a nostril piercing means you are pierced on either side of your nostril. That’s the most common way to get your nostril pierced. The piercing is performed with a standard 18-20 gauge piercing needle. There are 2 new trends I have been seeing all over the place. The first growing trend is piercing both nostrils. Another trend is piercing multiple holes in the same nostril. Whatever you fancy, a nostril piercing is a fun way to accessorize your face. The recommended jewelry for a nostril piercing are nose studs, nose screws and nose hoops. A nostril piercing only takes between 4-6 months to heal fully.

High Nostril

Having a High Nostril piercing is exactly as it sounds, the piercing is placed higher up the nose than a standard nostril piercing. High Nostril piercings are performed with a hollow 18-20 gauge piercing needle. The jewelry recommended for this piercing is Nose Studs such as L-Shaped, Nose Screws & Nose Bones. This piercing will take longer to heal than a standard nostril piercing and is more painful due to the proximity to the nose bone. That being said, the pain is still very manageable for most people.


Having a septum piercing is when you are pierced through the collumella of your nasal septum. Your collumella is this special spot between the cartilage and body tissue. Contrary to popular belief, the piercing doesn’t go through any painful cartilage and the piercing itself is relatively painless. Due to the location of the piercing, expect to shed a tear or two while getting pierced. This isn’t due to the pain, but is contributed to your bodies natural response to being pinched or pierced inside your nose. A septum piercing is performed with a standard hollow 18-16-gauge piercing needle. Healing time for a septum piercing on average is 6 months, although most people are able to change their jewelry after 6 weeks. Recommended jewelry for a septum piercing is Horseshoe Barbells, Captive Bead Rings and Clickers.

Septril Piercing

Having a Septril Piercing is also known as a “Jungle Piercing”. It’s basically a mix between a septum piercing and a vertical tip piercing. The actual piercing is placed below the tip of your nose and above your septum. The thing with Septril piercings is they can take up to 18 months to heal fully, and most require several appointments with your local piercer to achieve your final look. Another thing is in order to receive a Septril Piercing you have to have your septum stretched to 0GA. If you don’t already have a septum piercing, you will have to get one and wait for it to heal fully before attempting to stretch your septum. It’s not recommended to stretch your septum yourself. You are going to want to work with a local piercer to achieve the best results. Once your septum is stretched, the piercer will insert the standard piercing needle through your septum out through the front of your nose. This piercing can be quite painful due to the fact that the needle is inserted very slowly in order to ensure accurate placing. Curved Barbells and Nose Studs are recommended for this piercing.


Having a bridge piercing is when you are pierced on the bridge of your nose. The bridge of your nose is right between your eyes. Bridge piercings are performed with a standard hollow piercing needle. A curved or straight barbell is used for this piercing. Since the bridge of your nose is soft tissue, the piercing is relatively painless and heals rather quickly. You can be fully healed within 4 months. The issue with bridge piercings is that due to the area of the piercing, it’s not uncommon for people’s skin to reject jewelry. Your bridge is also prone to scarring when you remove the jewelry. It is always recommended to allow your piercing to fully heal before switching out your jewelry. That is especially true with bridge piercings. Bridge piercings often appear to be healed much sooner than they are. This can contribute to scarring and migration of jewelry during the healing process.

Vertical Nose

Having a vertical nose piercing is also called the “Rhino Piercing”. It’s called the Rhino piercing since it resembles a rhinoceros horn. Many people with this piercing use spike tip jewelry to extenuate the Rhino look. This piercing is performed by inserting a standard piercing needle vertically through the tip of the nose. Curved Barbells are the jewelry of choice for this piercing. Both ends of the curved barbell are visible for this piercing, which gives a fun, unique look.  It takes a great deal of skill to accurately pierce this area without damage. Make sure you see a reputable piercer if you are thinking of getting a vertical nose piercing. Please keep in mind that this piercing takes quite a while to heal fully. On average, it takes 9-12 months for this piercing to fully heal.


Having a Nasallang piercing is when the needle is inserted through your left nostril, then through your septum and out through your right nostril. This piercing is considered more painful than a standard piercing due to the 3 different cartilage areas being penetrated by the needle in one swoop. The piercing is performed with a standard 18-16 gauge piercing needle.  All the magic happens on the inside for this piercing. From the surface all you can see is the ball ends of a straight barbell, and it will appear as if you have 2 separate nostril piercings but really, they are all connected by a single barbell. This piercing does have a longer than average healing time. It can take up to 12 months for a Nasallang piercing to heal fully.

Third Eye

Having a Third Eye Piercing often symbolizes clairvoyance & spiritual enlightenment. It can make a stunning addition to your facial piercings. The piercing is also referred to as the “Unicorn Piercing”. The piercing itself is a surface piercing placed above or between your eyebrows in the thickest part of your skin for that area. This piercing is best for people with symmetrical faces, as the piercing is placed as centered as possible on your forehead. It can really accentuate your natural symmetry. On the contrary, if you don’t have a symmetrical face, it will also accentuate the unevenness of your face and expressions. Curved Barbells or Surface Barbell is recommended for a Third Eye Piercing. Healing time for a Third Eye Piercing is a minimum of 6 months.

Austin Bar

Having an Austin Bar Piercing is one of the most unique nose piercings. The piercing doesn’t enter the nasal cavity or the septum. The procedure is preformed by inserting a standard needle straight through the fleshy tip of your nose horizontally. A straight barbell is the jewelry of choice for an Austin Bar Piercing. Healing for an Austin Bar piercing takes around 3 months.


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