Styles of Nose Rings

L-Shaped Nose Rings

The L-Shape is inserted by guiding the straight side through your piercing at an angle. The 90-degree angle is what keeps the jewelry from falling out of your nose. L-Shaped Nose Rings are exceedingly popular due to the endless options of styles. They are also amazingly comfortable and recommended for initial piercings because the jewelry is secure.



 Speaking of L-Shaped Nose rings, a cool thing you can get is a long straight pin referred to as a “Fishtail.” If you take the Fishtail to your local piercer they will measure & fit you to create the perfect L-Shape for your nostril. Since everybody is different, it can be hard for some to find a nose ring that fits exactly right. If this sounds like you, I would give fishtail nose rings a try.


 Nose Studs

Nose Studs also referred to as “Nose Bones” are straight short studs with a small ball end that is attached to the stud. To wear this style, you simply push the stud through your piercing. You may feel a popping sensation as the ball makes it through your piercing hole, this is nothing to fear. The ball end is what keeps the stud securely in place all day. Stud styles are often recommended for initial piercings.


 Threadless "Push Fit"

Threadless also known as “Push Fit” is a style of jewelry where a pin is inserted into a post backing. Threadless styles are great for people who love to switch out their jewelry often. You can leave the backing in your piercing while you switch out the top piece. You can choose from simple gems or ornate charms.


Nose Screws

Nose Screws are exactly that, a stud that is twisted into a corkscrew shape. The corkscrew shape is inserted by twisting the jewelry into the nostril through the top of the piercing. The screw shape will keep your jewelry in place all day long. It is the hardest style to remove due to the shape, but if you are someone who loses their jewelry while out and about, this is the style for you. This nose screw style is great for initial piercings due to the fact you want your piercing to move as little as possible while it's healing. While the shape really does an amazing job at keeping the jewelry still, it can be a pain to remove the first few times. If you have trouble removing your jewelry, you can take it to a local piercer, they will help you switch out your jewelry.


Nose Hoops

Nose Hoops come in a variety of styles. There is the “Classic Nose Hoop” which is a round circular shape but not a closed loop. The classic hoop is inserted by placing the curved end into your piercing and rotating it around until it appears to be a full hoop.


Bendable Twist Hoops

Next, we have “Bendable Twist Hoops.” These are awesome because they are easy to put on and stay very secure throughout the day. They are almost a complete circle, but they have a small gap where you can bend the hoop to have an opening.


Seamless Clickers

 Then we have Seamless Clickers. Seamless Clickers are complete rings that have a clasp that pops open and clicks into place, securing the jewelry. Although most used for septum piercings, you can use seamless clickers as nostril hoops as well, just make sure the gauge of the jewelry matches the gauge to which you were pierced.


Classic Septum Clicker

Classic Septum clickers are almost the exact same as our seamless clickers, only the "clicker hinge" is straight across as opposed to rounded

like a circle.


Fake Septum Ring

Lastly, we have Fake Septum jewelry. Fake septum jewelry gives the appearance of having your septum pierced without the commitment. There is nothing to insert, all you have to do is use the prongs on each side of your septum to hold the jewelry in place!

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