Styles of Septum Jewelry

Horseshoe Barbell Septum Ring

Horseshoe barbells are one of the most popular styles of septum jewelry. This style is often used for initial piercings. Horseshoe barbells are also referred to as "Circular Barbells". The jewelry is the shape of a horseshoe with two ball ends. The balls can be standard or decorative ends. Either both balls are removable or one is fixed to the bar and the other is removable.


Captive Bead Septum Ring

Captive bead rings are a fun choice of jewelry for septum piercings. Captive bead rings, also referred to as “CBRs” are metal rings that are completed by a single bead held in place by divots that create tension once snapped into place. What I love about CBR’s is that the styles are endless. You can go from a classic solid ball to an elaborate bead.


Clicker Septum Ring

Clickers are an excellent choice for septum piercings. What makes clickers such an excellent choice is the clicking hinge mechanism is simple to use. The mechanism makes the jewelry easy to change while also being one of the most secure septum rings you can choose. You won't have to worry about this item sliding around or coming loose while you are out and about. Another benefit is since this item is a complete ring, you never have to worry about losing a ball end or bead again! Clickers can be as simple as a standard hoop or as extravagant as a glistening show stopping piece.


 Seamless Hoop Septum Ring

Seamless hoop rings are also an awesome choice for septum piercings. Like clickers, they are circular, but what differentiates them from clickers is the fact that seamless hoop rings have no closing mechanism, they simply have a gap right before the circle closes that you bend to insert into your septum. All you have to do is hold the ends of the ring with both hands, one of each side of the gap. Then you twist the ends, one closer to you and one moving away from you. At this point, there should be a gap large enough to insert the item. Once the item is on, all you have to do is twist the ends back into place, and they should reform the original circle.


Septum Pincher

Pinchers are similar to horseshoe barbells in shape due to its crescent form. Pinchers differ from horseshoe barbells since there are no ball ends for this jewelry. The pincher stays in place with o-rings. O-rings are hypoallergenic silicone rings that are positioned on either side of the septum to keep the pincher securely in place. Pinchers are a great option for those who plan to stretch their septum. They are also referred to as "Retainers" and are used to keep your septum hole from closing if you need to remove your jewelry.


Fake Septum Ring

If you love the bold look of septum piercings but aren’t a fan of needles, a fake septum ring is ideal for you. Fake septum rings have nothing to insert through the skin, so you will not need to be pierced to rock this look. All you must do is place the two ends up on either side of the thinnest part of your septum. One should clip onto each side, securely holding it in place. It can feel awkward to put on/remove the fake septum piercing the first few times, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be a breeze to switch out. If you are thinking of getting a septum piercing but aren’t quite sold on the idea, fake septum rings are the way to go. Try one of the many styles offered for a week or two before you commit to an actual piercing.









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